Marco Bottiglieri

Director / Director of Photography



Marco Bottiglieri is the most talented filmmaker I have encountered in twenty years in Hollywood. Marco thinks like a producer, but creates like a director. He has the rare ability to maximize the creative potential of any project, while staying within budgetary constraints. That’s why I’ve asked Marco to edit and direct three seperate projects for James Franco. I highly recommend Marco Bottiglieri—he has a keen eye, a gift with actors and the magic touch to take your production over the top!
— David Garrett, Writer & Producer (Writer of "Deuce Bigalow" & "Corky Romano")
Marco is an up and coming future Spielberg. He is very easy to work with...sets up the shots with a fair amount of ease... He directed a video for a song of mine called, “Pretty Baby”. I would defnieatley work with him again. He’s a talented director who is very talented for his age... He’s creative and imaginative and clearly knows the camera.
— Stephen Bishop, Academy Award Nominated Singer & Songwriter (Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Song "Separate Lives" Sung by Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin)
Marco is the ultimate professional-any film I need done-he is my first call. Not only does the film look amazing, it is done on time, sounds brilliant and his art is everything I wanted and more than I hoped for. Marco is someone I hope to work with in years to come and I have no doubt he is the Spielberg of our generation.
— Shanelle Gray, Owner of Gray Studios
Marco has been such a reliable, hardworking and talented member of all of our productions! He’s an invaluable resource for making sure your production has the right equipment and the right crew to ultimately produce the most important thing...the right shot!
— Joey Zehr & Kate Albrecht, Owners of Mr. Kate Studios
Marco is one of the most hard-working, professional, and reliable people I know.
— Jim Hefner, Owner of Just Float
When I started looking for the right person to create and direct my music video, I had to look no further than Marco Bottiglieri & Happy Tree Films. From our first meeting, I was sold. I was impressed with Marco’s professionalism, and by the quality of his body of work. The music video for my song, “Soldier’s Wife,” is stunning. I am especially proud when my military friends see the video, and tell me they were moved to tears. Very few people end up doing what they love as a career - Marco is one of those people who is enjoying what he does, ever single day. His enthusiasm, coupled with instinctive creativity, makes Marco Bottiglieri a clear choice for your next film or video project. On top of all his outstanding professional qualities, Marco is truly a nice man, and I’m proud to call him my friend! My best wishes to you, Marco, and continued success of Happy Tree Films!
— Lou Ann Petty, Country Singer & Songwriter
I’ve known Marco Bottiglieri since I worked on one of his films he directed at age sixteen. I’ve been privileged to work on many of his projects since then and have always been impressed with his talents, abilities and resourcefulness. I’ve always found him to be an extremely thoughtful and gracious collaborator, as well. Because of his creativity, technical expertise, professionalism, extraordinary work ethic, and boundless enthusiasm, I feel that he would be an outstanding asset to any professional production.
— Mike Kimmel, Actor/Comedian (Actor on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' & 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer')
I can’t speak highly enough about Marco Bottiglieri. His films are not only fun but very special and magical. I’ve met so many film directors but there’s only one Marco Bottiglieri. With his insight of story telling and transferring it to moving pictures that speaks to the viewer and the listener while keeping the entire production development till the final coloring including sound and score approach; under a strong leadership and motivating to archive the best of what he envisions. He is extremely inspiring and I can’t recommend him more highly, A-list talent. He has an amazing sense of making any story alive. The film industry needs his depth and what he brings to it. It shows his enormous know-how and his full heart behind it, as well as his attention to detail. He’s an expert filmmaker at such a young age. He loves film and music and see’s the transformation and benefit that it brings together. Do yourself a favor and spend time working with him and taking advantage of all he will bring to your project
— Chris Piorkowski, Film & Television Composer and Musician
I came to Marco Bottiglieri with only one month to produce my Sci-Fi fan-work. I came to Marco with a script, a budget, and a hard deadline for when production needed to be and the hope that it was possible. Needless to say, Marco came into this project with full determination and motivation to make my ambitious idea a reality. Marco and I worked closely together, communicated each step of preproduction, and truly made me feel secure enough that I could step back and relax on set. I am so thankful for the service Marco provided, and I can honestly attest that he is one of the most talented filmmakers I have ever met. I am so proud to not just call Marco my director but also one of my best friends. He made my dream come true, and I am forever grateful to him and Happy Tree Films for putting life into my script.
— Lauren Conn, Executive Producer for 'Attack On Space Live Action'
Marco Bottiglieri, if you haven’t heard that name yet I promise you will be soon and often. I have grown up with Marco and watched his dreams grow and come to life. He is one of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met. We have worked on multiple projects together over the past 7 years and he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge and professionalism. If you choose to work with Marco he will do anything and everything to exceed your expectations. His determination and work ethic are far beyond his years, you will certainly not be disappointed. I have worked with him on sets where he has worn many different hats, such as: actor, director of photography, screenwriter, director and producer. In every area he is exceptional. It has been an honor to work with him and I absolutely advise you to choose him for any of your projects.
— Kaley Caperton, Country Singer/Songwriter & Spokesperson for the National Guard Youth Foundation
A really good friend of mine had worked with Marco Bottiglieri & Happy Tree Films and he knew that we were looking for a video company. And I’ll never forget it because I had been through around a dozen different links from different video companies in Dallas, and when he sent a link over from Happy Tree Films... it was just shocking how much better quality and production value it was. It looked like it was something right out of a movie, and that’s what we were looking for. Marco exceeded every expectation, without him the video wouldn’t have come together. He worked with us at every level, developing the story lines, meeting with us hours and hours before production, finding all the unique locations... it was far more than I had ever expected.
— Steve Mueller, Singer & Songwriter for 'Highway 31' band
Marco is the consummate professional, wise beyond his years, and able to render his projects with compassion, artistry and velocity. The winning combination!
— Robyn Cohen, Actress (The Life Aquatic)
When choosing a DP you are practically choosing a partner that you believe will see the picture as you see it and then add enhanced dimensions by his inspiration through the lens - that is Marco Bottiglieri. He is a young film genius and a blessing to the production. Marco is a director that works with me as the DP on the feature 8 DAYS; thank you Marco for your phenomenal input and contribution to the project. This guy is one of a kind and is the ultra professional lover of film, the art of it and the thrill of getting “the shot”. Having Marco as part of our production on 8 DAYS allowed my vision to be shown on screen.
— Jaco Booyens, President of After Eden Pictures & Director of 8 DAYS
I can tell you from an actor, voice over and audio producer prospective that there are very few people in our industry that really get it and are THAT dedicated to a product from end to end. The name Marco Bottiglieri is synonymous with professionalism to detail with complete focus on every project he touches.
— Steve Summers, Actor, Voice Over, Audio Producer & Radio Host
Not only is Marco Bottiglieri a talented and highly skilled director and cinematographer, he is an excellent production team member and a joy to work with on set. How do I know this? I have worked with Marco on a number of films as both a producer and an actor. Marco cast me in one his earliest projects during his high school days, and we forged what would become a wonderful working team. It has been a pleasure to consider him a friend as well as a colleague over the past few years. I have the upmost respect for this young man, and one of my professional goals is to plan another major project with Marco at the helm!
— Sharon Garrison, Producer & Actress (Actress on Drop Dead Diva)