Marco Bottiglieri

Director / Director of Photography


The Studio

With his production company Happy Tree Films, Marco is able to provide high-end post production with incredible power from his computers which saves time and money. Throughout the years Marco has collected a mass amount of high end editing equipment and a massive sound effects, music, animation and template library in order to create an edit bay that can handle any project it requires. No matter how big or small the production, Happy Tree Films can handle the job. Please contact today with any questions! 


Equipment Rentals

In partnership with S&R pictures, Marco and Happy Tree Films have an in house supply of high end cameras and accessories including the RED Scarlet, Canon C100 Mark II, Zeiss Lenses and the AllSteady 7 Gimbal. Marco is also able to supply numerous prosumer cameras including multiple Canon DSLRS, GoPros and Canon Video Cameras for events and documentaries. Looking for a different camera? No problem! Not only does Marco have access to his own equipment but also has strong relationships with rental companies through out the country, making it incredibly easy and cost efficient to provide the right tool for the job.  Please contact today with any questions!